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New Glenwood Medical Clinic

 Family Practice & Walk-In Clinic

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Thank you for trusting us with your health. 

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About Us ...

New Glenwood Medical Clinic is a full-service healthcare clinic in Edmonton, Alberta. Our goal is to provide comprehensive healthcare to people of different age groups. Serving the wonderful Edmonton community is a passion of ours and uplifting our community's health is our ultimate goal. Together we are healthier and stronger! 

Our Team

Dr. Marwan Al-doori, MD, LMCC, MCFP

Dr. Mossab Taghedi, MD, LMCC, CCFP

Dr. Osama M. Essul, MD, LMCC, CCFP

Dr. Ibrahim Shebani, MD, LMCC, CCFP 

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